The Minimum Stress Practical Guide to moving house

Welcome to my ‘Minimum Stress Practical Guide to…’ series of blog posts. After a complete rollercoaster of a few months when we had the stuffing knocked out of us, I decided to turn my journey into something positive.  Last week I addressed the subject of coping in a medical emergency.  This week I’m looking at how to move house with minimum stress (with and without children!).

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The first piece of advice would be to have a plan.  Being organised can really help in the build-up to the big day, obviously.

Know who needs to be where, doing what and when…

My next piece of advice would be to remain flexible!  With us, it was all planned out, pretty much to the minute.  Hubby had the day off work to move everything, using Dad’s van, Dad and Mum’s helping hands.  I was going to finish up early and meet hubby at our little girl’s school while she was at after school club, we were going to parent’s evening and then back to the old house to ease bribe the cats into their carriers (we couldn’t move them until that point because of moving things into the new house!).  Then it would be onwards to the new home for fish and chips, obviously.

And then hubby was struck down with acute appendicitis around a week before the moving date with strict instructions not to lift a thing!  It was all turned on its head and we had to make a plan b.

We didn’t know who needed to be where, doing what or when anymore…!

We had to build another thing into the equation.  Hubby had a doctor’s appointment to have his wound re-dressed, it was in the ‘old’ town where we moving from and the logistics were, frankly, laughable.

So, up we got on moving day at 5 am, looked around at boxes, and boxes and boxes of ‘stuff’, convinced ourselves that yes, we did really need to take it all and so the fun began (to coin a phrase Sam!)

Without boring you with the finer details of loading, plenty of ‘right said fred’ moments, managing all of 10 minutes to grab something to eat and getting our little girl’s bedroom ship-shape, we just about managed it between us.

  • Hubby got to his doctor’s appointment
  • We got to parent’s evening
  • We bribed the cats
  • We only went and bloomin’ well did it!

By around 9 pm, I sat down, looked at hubby and said words along the lines of, “what happened there then?!?!  I’m absolutely exhausted!!” – this is a family blog after all 😉

As a conclusion, I suppose the one thing to say about moving house with minimum stress is that anything can (and does!) happen, so be flexible and above all, have a sense of humour.  We moved with no chain, with no keys to handover at this point, no incoming occupier that same day and no one moving out of the new house.  It would’ve been an interesting post to write if the latter had been reversed 😉

Next week I’ll talk you through how to help your little one to settle into a new school with minimum stress … but for now I’d like to ask about your experience of moving house when you had to revert to plan b?  I’d love to hear in the comments below.

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4 comments to “The Minimum Stress Practical Guide to moving house”
  1. Really interesting post hun, you’re so right – you really do need a sense of humour.
    The last time I moved house I was 9 months pregnant, BP was due a week after we moved in. The move went swimmingly, I didn’t do any lifting (obvs) but supervised. It wasn’t until 2 days later that we had a surprise. We were still unpacking and buying new furniture but BP decided he wanted to arrive early! We had a plan in place (luckily) and my brother-in-law took care of everything. 🙂
    Thanks so much for linking to #PoCoLo

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