The Truth About My Blog

The Truth About My Blog blogging writing commenting reiki crystal course healing ebooks
I’ve just given myself a whole 2 weeks away from my blog and off hardcore blogging (apart from an ickle bit of occasional commenting).  And I feel gooood!  Truth be told, (naively perhaps) I didn’t realise just how much it had taken out of me.  I love blogging and all that it brings; writing content, tweaking photos, taking part in linkys, reading, commenting, sharing…  but I was in desperate need of getting away from it all.  And I did.  I had little break away with my amazing family, got hooked on Downton Abbey (I’m up to season 3… no spoilers please!!)  and realised by watching that how very different a world without technology would be.  But this post isn’t going to be a debate about whether we can without technology (I’m a blogger for goodness’ sake!).  No, this post is just me thinking out loud about how much I get out of blogging and how much I should be putting into it.  The truth is (as all bloggers know!), it can be addictive and one quick post can take a whole night to re-tweak…  which, to be perfectly honest, can be frustrating when you’ve still got ‘housey’ things to do.
Our little girl is just about to go into Year 1 and for various reasons, I’m going to a have a chunk of my time taken away from me as a result.  Something’s gotta give, as they say.  And one of those things is not having a jam-packed blogging calendar.  It’s not about organisation.  I couldn’t be more organised if I tried.  It’s about accepting that, realistically, 2 posts at the most will be published a week, not up to 7.
I’m streamlining my blog linkys.  They’re not taking over the blogosphere (ahem!) but I really enjoy commiting to them, to setting them up, to promoting them… and so they’re staying!
By making these tweaks, I feel that I’m being ‘me’ again, that I’m being true to myself.  By that, I mean that I can also find time to work on my writing (outside of blogging), practice my reiki, complete my crystal course and complete some ebooks that I’ve got up my sleeve… along with running a house with hubby too of course!
I feel better for getting all of that off my chest and now I think a nice cuppa is in order… along with another episode of Downton Abbey 😉  See you on the other side… I hope?
What’s your take on all of this?  Are you really comfortable with your blogging or do you feel parts are a time suck and you’re not being ‘you’?
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8 comments to “The Truth About My Blog”
  1. I think every single blogger that has been around more than a few months will be able to relate to this. The blog/family balance is as elusive as the work/life one! I hope you find yours lovely xx

  2. Getting the work life balance is truly hard to do and sometimes we all need to take time out. I often want to but I worry what will happen? Then I think about it and realise nothing much – it will still be there when I come back and I need to just chill a little. I’m learning to take more breaks especially when i’m sick and i simply have to! thanks so much for linking up to #PositivelyPosted

    Angela x –

  3. Good for you! I am currently struggling to find the right balance between my blog, my job, and the rest of my responsibilities…without ignoring my daughter in the process! It’s tough, especially when there are so many things we bloggers “should do” to be successful. Sometimes time away is the best thing for us creatively!


  4. Oh yes, I can completely relate to this. Even when I ‘slow down’, I don’t really! Once the wee girl starts school I’m going to take a good look at my blogging schedule and see how I can get a better balance… famous last words!

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