Time for a dose of happiness in #HighlightsofHappy blog linky #35 ~ because life’s for the good stuff

It's time for a dose of happiness in #HighlightsofHappy 35 blog linky because life's for the good stuff. We look back on the week with gratitude

Your weekly dose of happiness…

Let’s spread the happiness!

It’s a common phrase isn’t it?…

“Bad things come in 3’s”

or words similar to that!

So, let’s flip it because everyone deserves a little happiness … (you know how I love to spread happiness and turn a negative into a positive with positive thinking !)

Let’s spread that happiness and find 3 things to be grateful for (or even more… well, why not?!)

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In my weekly feature, I look back over my gratitude journal because that’s the great thing about gratitude and using my gratitude journal – it gives me the opportunity to look back and be grateful all over again 🙂  And that’s what I do here, in my weekly feature, I look back and on my #HighlightsofHappy.

I round it off with one word that sums up my happy…  why not do the same?

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…so what’s been making ME happy?

It was my birthday and our daughter found me some pretty nick-nacks from her bedroom (her newly de-cluttered bedroom!) and ‘wrapped’ them up for me!

We went out for birthday food, just the 3 of us.  It was yummy and lovely to spend time with hubby and our girl.

My brilliant mum baked me a lovely cake (apparently she had instructions from our daughter!).  It was chocolate, with sprinkles.  🙂


Seeing our daughter come bouncing out of her cheerleading club.  I wasn’t sure how she’d be, seeing as she was sick over the weekend.  It can often take a few days for children to recover fully energy-wise can’t it?  Well, she loved it, though she did go straight to sleep that night, with little or no reading to her teddies!

I had pizza for lunch.  It must have made an impression because it’s in my journal!  Well, why wouldn’t it be?  But you see, that’s the whole point.  That day, the pizza was a highlight and I was able to take the good from the day and write it down.  Always grateful, no matter how small it may be…


So that’s my happy and my happy word is ‘nick-nacks’ because having them wrapped up haphazardly with love and then thrust in my hand… what more could you want? 🙂

How about you?  I’d love to hear about your ‘happy’ in the comments below or tweet me @AllSortsHere using #HighlightsofHappy

Go on, share your happy with me!

Thanks 🙂


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  1. Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you have every reason to be happy. I do think it is good to focus on the things that bring us joy. This week we have had good news from the surveyor and I found some amazing fabric to make myself something. Both great reasons for me to be happy!!

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