Time for some happy in my #HighlightsofHappy #11

It’s a common phrase isn’t it?…

Bad things come in 3’s

or words similar to that!

So, let’s flip it (you know how I love to turn a negative into a positive!)

Let’s find 3 things to be happy and grateful for!

(or even more… I mean, why not?!)


In my new weekly feature, I will look back over my gratitude journal and bring to you my #HighlightsofHappy , which is great because it gives me the opportunity to look back and be grateful all over again ūüôā

I will then round it off with one word that sums up my happy.

So, what am I happy and grateful for this week? ¬†Here’s my vlog that tells you. ¬†If you’d rather read all about it, see below the vlog ūüôā¬†

For diaries and planners ~ being Miss Organised, I wouldn’t feel complete without them and not wishing the time away, I’m looking forward to getting my 2017 set!

For yumminess ~ strawberries, chocolate pancakes and squirty cream.

That our girl got a golden sticker from the Headteacher ~ her friend nominated her for being kind. ¬†Only 3 children in her class got a golden sticker; it wasn’t across the board!

For more yumminess ~ croissants and bacon.

For smiley faces ~ ¬†I’ve been sharing some smiley faces made from ‘themed’ objects… proof that you can find a smile anywhere if you look hard enough and often in the most unlikely places.

For our daughter doing my make-up and me hers! ¬†We used chopped up sponge and water… and lots of imagination. ¬†Shame – I’d have loved to post up a picture of all those rainbow colours on my face!

For down-time with our daughter ~ watching TV with her after school and ‘zoning out’ with her ūüôā

My happy word this week is ‘golden’ because it’s not everyday you get a golden sticker for being kind.

How about you? ¬†I‚Äôd love to hear about your ‘happy’ in the comments below or tweet me @AllSortsHere using¬†#HighlightsofHappy

Go on, share your happy with me!

Thanks ūüôā


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