Time for some happy in my #HighlightsofHappy #3

It’s a common phrase isn’t it?…

Bad things come in 3’s

or words similar to that!

So, let’s flip it (you know how I love to turn a negative into a positive!)

Let’s find 3 things to be happy and grateful for!

(or even more… I mean, why not?!)

3 is it your magic number highlights of happy 3 gratitude journal grateful happiness positivity positive thinking reiki simplicity school report kindness

In my new weekly feature, I will look back over my gratitude journal and bring to you my #HighlightsofHappy , which is great because it gives me the opportunity to look back and be grateful all over again 🙂

I will then round it off with one word that sums up my happy.

So, what am I happy and grateful for this week?

  • For time to do some reiki self-treatment ~ I manage yoga most mornings but to do some proper meditation with reiki was just what I needed to ‘keep the home fires burning’!
  • For some time with my little family at the local coffee shop, chatting over some yummy food and drink.
  • That our little girl was delighted when we went summer clothes shopping for her (she’s grown again!) and found a My Little Pony top in her size.  AND it’s reversible!  Seriously, this was ground-breaking fo her!
  • For happening upon a box of free teddies ~ on a quick walk round the corner to the shop, someone had left a little basket on the pavement full of teddies with a note saying ‘please help yourself’.  So I grabbed a teddy for our daughter called Ollie the Owl!
  • For seeing our daughter with her grandparents.  Nothing quite compares to those moments when you hear your child telling them about something in their own little way 🙂
  • For air-conditioning in my car ~ enough said!
  • For our daughter’s amazing school report which states she is ‘exceeding’ and is clearly thriving.  As a parent, all you truly want is for your child to be happy and healthy – if they do well academically, it’s a bonus.  And this was a bonus after all we’ve been through.
  • For missing major tailbacks in a traffic jam which meant that I got home in good time, when there were reports of people taking 6 hours to travel 2 miles!
  • For hearing the words, “Thank you Mummy.  You’re the best Mummy ever!”. ~ This was after walking our little girl’s friend home after a play date after school, popping into the shop and she asked very politely for chocolate.  Yes I know it’s cupboard love but still…

Wow, that’s a mega lot of happiness this week!

My word of the week is ‘simple’ because most of these things came about from doing, seeing, saying or hearing something quite simple  🙂

I’d love to hear about your ‘happy’ in the comments below or tweet me @AllSortsHere using #HighlightsofHappy

Share your happy with me!

Thanks 🙂


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  1. That’s such a lovely list and ‘simple’ pleasures is what it’s all about when you have a little family. I believe it’s the everyday moments that can be super special and worth capturing as you have. It’s lovely
    As for the My Little Pony Top – well, for any little girl that’s priceless!
    Have a super week

  2. I had to laugh about the reversible My Little Pony top I had one as a child and I thought it was the most wonderful thing ever so I know how your little girl feels. So lovely to read such positive simple things that have made you smile. #WotW

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