Everything Has A Place And Other Time-Saving Saviours

Everything Has A Place And Other Time-Saving Saviours

I know, the title has followed that rather generic, “It’s December so we need to focus on next year” formula, but that’s just part of the yearly song we all love singing along to.  However, unlike all the other blogs that do the super-generic thing of a) talking about New Year’s resolutions you should keep, b) how to lose weight in January or c) making more money next year, we’re going to focus on the most valuable commodity out there – time.


You can’t get it back once it’s been spent, you can’t grow it, buy it, manufacture it or press pause on it, and that’s what makes it so valuable.


Everything Has A Place And Other Time-Saving Saviours

So, without wasting any more of yours, here are the best ways you can use your time more efficiently in 2018:

  1. Everything has a place…

Put everything in its place. This is one of those things my Nan used to always say to me and it so works. If you always hang your keys on your coat peg then you will always know where they are when it comes to finding them. No more wasted time hunting them down.

  1. Multi-tasking is a waste of time…

Because it actually stops you from being as productive. To put that in perspective, it can reduce your ability to get things done by 40%.  That’s quite a big chunk.  So, in 2018, stop switching from one task to another and start finishing tasks before moving on.

  1. Know what your time-wasters are…

And then eradicate them from your life. Trust me, we all have them. It could be that your doctor’s surgery is always running behind schedule, in which case it could be time to take your Dr App online.  If you always spend an hour trying to decide what to wear, pick something out the night before.  If it’s deciding what to cook for dinner, sit down on Sunday night and plan your week out in advance. It’s all about having a strategy.

  1. Start using your calendar…

Write down what you need to do and when you need to do it.  Whether you prefer to have a calendar in your kitchen with lots of cute puppies on each month or you use the one on your phone is irrelevant.  A calendar is an essential part of making sure you don’t miss anything and knowing exactly what it is you still have to do.  Think about it, there will be no more racking your brain and trying to think about it.

  1. Routines are great…

And it’s not even the obvious stuff like coming downstairs in the morning and knowing that you are going to have a cuppa with muesli and chopped bananas. It’s other things, like going to the same cafe at the same time with such regularity that the baristas there know what you’ll have without asking. Now that is how to save a ton of time.


How are you going to use your time more efficiently in the new year?  How do you do it now?  I’d love to know.  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere. Thanks!


*This is a collaborative post.


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