Time wasting zen

So, I’m supposed to be writing but instead I’m procrastinating in my time wasting zen !  Oh yes, this is procrastination at its best!  I haven’t kicked it into touch yet this month – better get a move on!

what im writing time wasting zen poem procrastinating procrastination

Okay, so I’m not playing for time in a negative sense… because I’ve already written for my allocated daily time on my current writing project.  But there’s always room for more writing isn’t there?!  While playing for time I have created a new blog linky!  As you do…

I just couldn’t help myself!  And now that’s all the technical bits and pieces conjured up for the linky, it really is time to get back to my actual writing 😉

And to round up this blog post, a nonsense piece of writing that I’ve mentioned before!

Time-wasting zen

I’m playing for time, fingers tapping away

It’s all drivle and waffle, not hip hip hooray!

Kettle’s just boiled, ipad’s going ‘ping ping’

A quick cuppa, a loo stop, a social media ‘fling’.


Just 5 minutes won’t hurt, I deserve a break,

I’ve been working hard for 10 minutes, for goodness’ sake!

I know every nook, every mark, every imperfect wall,

I blame the stubborn blu-tac that’s making me stall.


It’s on my to-do list, to tick off this week,

That reminds me, the to-do list could do with a tweek…

That counts as writing, it’s a words from a pen!

And then maybe a bath, my perfect time-wasting zen…


Prose for Thought
Writing Bubble

Is it someone’s birthday and you don’t know what to do?

Let me write a personal rhyme especially for you.


A personal rhyme from you to them,
it’s unique, bespoke and easy.
Get in touch today, waste no more time,
It’s really easy peasy…

“Bespoke Rhymes

…for those personal times”

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