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It’s time to mention a few blogs that I’ve enjoyed reading in the past week or so…  I hope you like them as much as I did:

I’m so very grateful for Sara at MumTurnedMom for posting this.  Not only have I added a couple of books to my reading list, I’ve also discovered loads of reading-related blog memes and linkys.  Yay!  No escuses at all for neglecting them on my blog now… 😉

I just love the imagery in this poem on pedal power from MoonDustWriter…

Finally, I often see a flash fiction post and wish I had thought of it.  This is one of those occasions from Tiffany Metzger.    (psssst, why not have a look at my flash fiction by going to the ‘categories’ section of my sidebar to the right and scrolling down to ‘flash fiction’…)


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