Virtually All Sorts pick of the blogs ~ round-up 19

weekly blog round-up 19

It’s time to mention some of the blogs that I’ve enjoyed reading in the past week or so…  I hope you find them as interesting as I did:

Chrissy at My Sparkly Life opens up about her ‘Invisible Illness’.  It’s an intriguing read and I certainly learnt something…


…and Chrissie at MuddledManuscript linked up with #WonderfulWorldofWriting again this week with her post about keeping journals.  The comments that followed covered the topics of teenage diaries, depression and positive thinking.  Do take a few minutes to read her post and the comments…


What was your favourite post of the week?  Share by commenting or sending a tweet @AllSortsHere

Psst… If you like quotes, you will love my ‘Footnotes and Anecdotes’ linky, you can read all about it here.  The next post is up tomorrow 🙂

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