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Weekly round-up best blogs

I would usually share some of the blogs that I’ve enjoyed reading in the past week or so in this blog post.  But you know what?  It’s been a writing week!  Not ever so much reading as gone on (at least not blog wise), so instead I’ll cut straight to these fantastic bloggers who joined in with my #WonderfulWorldofWriting linky:


Maddy at Writing Bubble wrote a ‘crazy’ post (her words, not mine!) on the back of searching for a way through writer’s block.  It makes for an entertaining read!  Then Chrissie at MuddledManuscript talked about her relationship with Harry Potter and being ‘saved’ through the escapism the books offered.  And Renee at Mummy Tries described the emotion of ‘joy’ from discovering your are pregnant, and also the anticipation.

Do take a few minutes to read their posts and the comments…


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Psst… If you like quotes, you will love my ‘Footnotes and Anecdotes’ linky, you can read all about it here.  The next post is up tomorrow 🙂

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