Visiting hours ~ flash fiction

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She loved cliches.  She could use them ’til the cows came home!

Her life had been full of cliches recently, or at least close to cliches.

She’d come to terms with a lot of things; she’d overcome a whole range of emotions and now she felt another chapter closing.

At first, she’d found it really hard to let go but then she’d seen the sense.  In fact she’d seen how it had all slotted into place perfectly, almost as if it was meant to be.

She’d taken comfort in that.  After weeks of sorting, clearing, reminiscing, she was now stepping through the door for the very last time.

She was just a visitor now.  The limbo was gone.  Time to move on.

Time for one last look around and then she’d close the door, lock it and she’d start again; a new chapter with so many exciting things on the horizon.  She hadn’t even realised that she was ready for all of this.  But she was.

It was all meant to be…

Visiting hours were over at last.


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  1. Over the moon with this! Great to read Flash Fiction – the first time I’ve seen your blog on a link but I’ll definitely look out for more. Really enjoyed the post – thanks for sharing. #KCACOLS

  2. Ooooh how very engaging…I want to know more! What I like about this though is the mystery and how you invite the reader to create their own story too…#KCACOLS

  3. you tell such an intriguing story with your words … I’m left wanting more … you’re very clever in the way your words draw in you in so quickly. Very talented. It’s got a great feel to this poem – inspiring and uplifting. Thank you for sharing #KCACOL

  4. Oh, I’m intrigued I want to know more. This is lovely it really draws you in doesn’t it! I enjoyed reading it and look forward to more from you
    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

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