What is a deadline ?

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So, what is a deadline?

A quick google search brought back:

a line drawn around a prison beyond which prisoners were liable to be shot.

Interesting and you could maybe relate that to writing!  How?  Well, imagine writers trying to escape the dreaded writer’s block that could be compared to prison and being shot as they reach the inspiration being the line beyond the writer’s block in desperation…

A bit melodramatic, I know!

Let’s take a deadline literally ~ is it a line that as a writer you just can’t get ‘out’?  A line that finds you stumbling on the right word to use, stumbling at writer’s block, or a line that simply doesn’t cut the mustard; doesn’t hit the spot?

Is a deadline something that you need to push you on towards your goal? The pressure you need to get you to your word count or to complete your writing in your self-imposed time slot?

For me, a deadline is the pressure I need. I’ve had a children’s book tucked away in the wings for a while.  I’ve never forgotten about it and knew exactly where it was for when I needed it. Because one day I knew I would.  Sure enough:

  • Enter stage right an opportunity, a very exciting opportunity. Exit stage left ‘procrastination’ being booed off stage…
  • Enter stage left pressure.
  • Opportunity and pressure meet somewhere centre stage and the spotlight’s on now.  I’ve got around 3 weeks (I’m trying not to count!) to ‘rehearse’ my lines before my deadline.

For me, that’s a deadline.  Having the pressure on to keep writing, no matter what. To keep things running in the background to make me thrive on the pressure.  Those ‘things in the background’ are blog posts and the associated promotions, engagement; reading and commenting on blogs.  My #NextBigThing project will be taking a back seat for a good few weeks now though, I’ve got to say!  I love the pressure though.  I get my buzz from it.  It makes me creative and focussed.  It makes me kick procrastination down and knuckle down.

What does a deadline mean to you?  Share your thoughts in the comments below…

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  1. Wow, the history of the word deadline is quite intense! Perhaps knowing this interesting fact will make meeting writing deadlines easier 🙂

    Enjoyed this post a lot, especially your succinct and apt definition: “Having the pressure on to keep writing, no matter what.”

    Yes, exactly! For me, most of my deadlines are self-imposed, which can be tough, but if I made them manageable, I’m more likely to meet them and continue.
    Dana recently posted…What I’m WritingMy Profile

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