What makes you feel accomplished?

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Another Friday has rolled around and that can only mean one thing… #WordoftheWeek with The Reading Residence…

So, what makes you feel accomplished?  I’ll start…

As a child I always enjoyed reading; as I went up to secondary school, I did my work experience at a local newspaper.  I really enjoyed it but it felt too ‘rigid’ for me.  It was all factual with no leeway for my creativity or imagination to blossom.  No room for me to feel truly accomplished.

At college I completed a writing portfolio which was a labour of love.  You see, for me, writing comes naturally (blow your own trumpet time!)  Once that pen or pencil touches the paper, the words just flow and flow.  I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve typed something straight out without writing it on paper first.

My dream, like any writer’s, was to have my work published.  In 2012 I did just that.  Myself.  Yes, I self-published ‘Diary of a Complicated Pregnancy’, followed by ‘Ditch the Guilt’.  They were both published as eBooks.  I did an insurmountable amount of research on how to create an eBook to publish these two.

You know that book you’ve always wanted to turn into an eBook?

You know that you’ve never known how to do it?

Well, Virtually All Sorts can show you how – create your eBook the Easy Peasy way today!

Now you can feel accomplished like me… feels great doesn’t it?

What makes you feel accomplished?

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