What to do when your own writing bores you

What to do When Your Own Writing Bores You

What to do when your own writing bores you

One of the most painful experiences as a writer, especially one who considers themselves to still be learning, is re-reading your own work.  It’s a necessary task, but it should be done after you’ve had time away from your work.  But here’s a question: what if you read your writing only to find that, above all else, it’s simply boring?  If you find that you’re not as inspired or passionate as you aimed to be, what can you do?

What to do When Your Own Writing Bores You

Breaking the monotone

Perhaps your issue is simply that you haven’t found your voice yet.  Many writers have a distinct personality, character, or style of prose that fits all their writing.  While it might seem quite limiting, relegating them to that one voice, having that uniqueness can make any act, segment, or paragraph more exciting.  You don’t have to focus on being completely unique, but try not to leave out too much of your personality in the editing.  Interesting prose is better than perfect prose after all.

You’re not living your best life

If you want to write well and with passion, you have to have passions outside writing.  Reading counts but think of other areas of your life that maybe feel like they’re ‘stuck’.  If you’re feeling socially isolated, think about joining a group that shares your interests or a reading group in your area.  If you don’t like  your location, look at moving companies and consider a change of scenery.  If you’re bored, try out some new hobbies.  After all, variety is the spice of life and it comes across in your writing when you’ve got that variety.

Take your writing wherever you go

If you’re like most people, inspiration can strike at any time.  If you spend all day thinking about stories, characters, and writing devices, you never know where you’ll be.  What you do know is that inspiration won’t strike at your desk.  Try to capture your inspiration wherever it finds you.  Carry a notepad with you so you can quickly jot down ideas or a portable recording device if speaking into something would be easier.  All too often, you can find that by the time you get to your typewriter or laptop, that flash of inspiration is gone and you’ve forgotten part of what made your initial idea so great.

Get back to the thesaurus

It might sound strict and regimental, but working on your vocab can work wonders.  You don’t have to use large, exotic words but the fact is that lots of us have big gaps in our voc.  Using word-a-day apps or calendars can give you words to practice using in short writing exercises.  The more words you learn, the broader your language, and the deeper your ideas, not just your writing.

Whether it’s a lifestyle change or a simple change of technique all depends on you.  You won’t find out what the problem is until you find the answer.  Looking within is vital and practice only goes so far; you need to think actively about your writing and the problems within it.


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