When a teacher leaves a good impression

Life is ever-changing isn’t it? It’s full of events that leave an impression on our lives.

Even if your own life is chugging along with little change, chances are that something running parallel to it will affect it in some way and influence it.  This is what makes the world go round after all.

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At the beginning of our rollercoaster ride, we moved house and our little girl subsequently started a new school.  The transition generally was incredibly smooth and we are very grateful for the Headteacher working so hard to accommodate us while we were going through a family bereavement.

It was with sadness, excitement and ultimately surprise that we were told of the Head moving on to pastures new.  We’ve been very fortunate that our little girl loves her new teacher and also the Head.

She’s forever making little cards for her teacher.  And after school one day she told me that, along with a friend, they had picked a bunch of ‘flowers’ (likely a limp handful of weeds from the school field!) and taken them to the Head as a leaving present!  (She’s currently penning a poem for the Head and I reckon that if it wasn’t child labour, I could use her skills for my Bespoke Rhymes!)

The positive effect our little girl’s school has had on this new chapter of our lives has been profound and we will certainly never, ever forget the time and attention that the Head (and supporting staff, no doubt) have given us.

So thank you, particularly to the Head who gives new meaning to the phrase ‘leaving a good impression’, the emphasis being on ‘leaving’ of course! 🙂


Have you had any events (school related or otherwise) that have left a good impression recently?  I’d love to know!  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere


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6 comments to “When a teacher leaves a good impression”
  1. Aw this is so cute 🙂 your daughter sounds like such a sweetie! I think it’s so important that they have teachers that do make a good impression on them, seeing as ultimately they are going to have an effect on your child’s behaviour given how much time they spend with them! I hope my eldest does when he starts school! #picknmix

  2. My son had Selective Mutism when he started Primary School,We believe it developed through anxiety when he started Nursery. Our boy would talk to all the children but not the Teachers, his amazing Reception Teacher never put any pressure on him, she built his confidence and we never looked back. We still love her & our Son has just finished his GCSE’s.

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