Where is the beginning? A poem on chakra meditation

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Where is the beginning?

What’s at the beginning?

It all starts at the root,

When we’re not grounded,

Branches can’t develop their shoots.


Our branches need feeding

With healthy, wholesome foods,

If not they imbalance

And affect our moods.


When we work from the bottom

And end up at the top,

We have spinning wheels, or

‘chakras’ which never stop…


Want to feel peaceful and calm?

Meditate daily, don’t be shy,

And your friends they may comment,

Share the love, tell them why…


…Why you’re feeling grounded

And rooted, like a tree to the earth.

Why those positive thoughts and good food

Give a sense of self-worth.


…Why you’re feeling creative

Bursting with thoughts and ideas,

As they ebb and flow like the water,

Eroding your fears.


…Why your ego’s not ‘pumped up’,

You’re calm and ‘together’,

You don’t listen to the bad things,

You don’t need ‘lucky heather’.


…Why your breathing’s steady and easy

While your heart pumps fresh air,

Pure and cleansed through your body,

To keep you alert and ‘all there’.


…Why you’re feeling expressive

And you’re speaking your mind,

Being open and clear,

It’s the best way, you will find.


…Why your sixth sense is open,

It’s your third eye, you see.

Is your perception of reality

With them or with ‘me’?


…Why your crown’s like a flower,

Its stem’s like your spine,

A petal for each chakra

Now you’re upright and ‘aligned’.


Now you’re beginning to see

What your thoughts can do,

Breathe slowly, be mindful

That it all starts with you.

By Carol Cameleon


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34 comments to “Where is the beginning? A poem on chakra meditation”
  1. An excellent reminder of the need to nourish the self in all sorts of ways – something I’m finding it harder to do since being a mum even though it’s now probably more important than ever! I’ve done yoga and meditation in the past and I think I’m better at being mindful in my everyday life – definitely some work still to do though… #thethemegame

  2. Lovely poem Carol! I really like the idea of inner calm and meditation – I think maybe you have to be the right kind of person to get into the ‘zone’ for it – or maybe just the right time of your life… #TheThemeGame

  3. Way to go you, sounds like meditation and inner calm is really really helping you. That’s fantastic and so good for you!! Lovely poem. #prose4t

  4. Way to go you, sounds like meditation and inner calm is really really helping you. That’s fantastic and so good for you!! Lovely poem. #prose4t

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