Why are these sweets so special?

When I collected our little girl from school on the penultimate day of year 1, she was clutching a little bag.  On it was a hand-written note from her teacher and inside it was a little bit like a party bag – with little gifts such as a notepad, stickers, pencils, rubbers, pens…

and a packet of sweets!


Everyone in the class got one of course and it was a really lovely gesture from the teacher.

A gesture that will remain in our daughter’s memory for years to come – she really did like her teacher and she helped her settle into her new school.

Over the summer we convinced her that life is ever-changing and getting a new teacher is a part of the ever-changing life.

When our daughter gave me one of her sweets, there were 2 left.

She decided she would give them to her cousins, who she dotes on.

How sweet is that?!…

What sweet things has your little one done?  I’d love to hear!  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere


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