Why I smudge with herbs … relax with #TheZenZing

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This time I’m going to tell you why I smudge using sacred herbs to cleanse my living space.


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Although I regularly cleanse my living space with reiki symbols, when I’ve got a little more time, I like to use sacred herbs to smudge.  This is because of the science behind it.  Yes, really there is a science… The smoke produced from burning the herbs traps positive ions in the air.  These positive ions cleanse the air (and the person) of the negative and harmful charged particles that accumulate.  It is these positive ions that bring the electromagnetic field into harmony and balance.  And we could all do with some harmony and balance…
Of course, these ‘negative’ particles have to go somewhere – which is why you should always open windows when smudging.  Otherwise you can end up with a head ache from those negative ions because they will have no where to go and just ‘hang’ in the air, making the ritual really rather pointless.
When I smudge, I make sure I have an Abalone Shell to catch the ash and some sand in the bottom to rest it in after the ritual.  I never put it out under running water…!
How about you – have you ever used smudging sticks  to cleanse?  If not, what do you use?
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  1. So many things I did not know loving the zen zing of it all. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. Sorry to be late commenting we have my mother visiting from America. 🙂 Thanks for joining in. #sharewithme

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