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This time I’m going to tell you why I became interested in crystals!

It all started when I was introduced to the world of reiki.  I received a treatment and learnt more about chakras – the openings (or at least they should be open…) that let in universal life energy.  It wasn’t long until I was attuned to reiki level 1 and was meditating with a crystal one night.
At the time, my crystal collection was very small.  I had a set of tumble stones in the colours of the chakra and a couple more but that was about it.
So, I was meditating with an amethyst crystal in my hand and I was really relaxing.  I could feel the pleasant pull of the energy, clearing all those blockages and gently realigning and rebalancing my chakras. (Here’s a little poem that tells you a little more about chakras.  It’s one of my personal favourites in fact!)
I had meditated before, being a bit of a hippy at heart.  But when I saw the colour purple vividly and unmistakably flash across my field of vision, with my eyes closed, I realised I was experiencing something new and incredible.
You see, in case you didn’t know, the amethyst crystal is purple and is aligned with the third eye chakra (on your forehead just above the in between bit of your eyebrows.)  And since I had been attuned, some channels had clearly been unblocked, opened and the energy was obviously flowing freely.  What an incredible world this crystal had opened up to me!
I read up some more about what crystals might be beneficial to my home and me personally.
And one day I came across an amazing stall on Camden Market (London) with a friend.  While I’d love to live just a little closer to London, my purse-strings would suffer because of this stall!
The person running the stall was extremely knowledgable and was more than happy for customers (browsers and knowledgable buyers alike) to look, touch, ask, ponder, get in the zone…
This day my friend saw a black tourmaline crystal, held it in their hand and it felt ‘right’, so they bought it.
Their workplace was full of negative people.  The negative vibes oozed off them, onto her and lingered.  Oh my goodness, did they linger?…
Until my friend carried their cleansed and programmed black tourmaline crystal in their pocket for the day.
No negativity appeared to seep into them.  It seemed to be repelled, bouncing off her and back at the negative ‘carriers’ surrounding her.
I also know of a lady who had a rose quartz pendant around her neck.  She liked to wear it because she was going through some emotional difficulty and wanted it to be close to her heart.  Over the years, she says, the rose quartz has faded to very nearly white.
There are plenty more experiences I could recount, both personal and not.  But I wanted to illustrate where my intrigue for crystals comes from.
I was inspired to learn more and signed up for a Crystal Healing Practitioner’s course, which was a distance learning course and I recently completed it with a distinction.  I learnt about crystal auras, their properties, how to cleanse them, program them and nurture them.
And in the new year I will be launching my Bespoke Crystals feature right here, on my blog.  Because I’d love to help you if you experience things such as anxiety or insomnia or anything else.
Crystals can help you.  They can benefit you.  And that also means that they can benefit those around you.
When it launches, I’ll be offering a discount off the normal price and details will follow very soon.  Subscribe to make you sure you don’t miss the updates…
It’s all about #TheZenZing 🙂
Are you intrigued by crystals?  Did you know much about them before you read this? I’d love to hear from you.  Please comment (below) or tweet me @AllSortsHere and use the #TheZenZing hashtag.
Thank you 🙂
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  1. This is lovely, I have been sitting here all evening linking up my blog to various linkys and honestly yours is my favourite post. I’m so inspired to go a find myself a crystal now. I too am a hippy at heart. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story about the flash of purple, what a totally exciting experience.

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