Why lego is good for imaginative play


Our daughter loves lego!

And I can see why because I used to love lego too.  I never had any ‘fancy’ construction kits.  Just the standard pieces.  You know, in a variety of sizes and colours.

My favourite thing to do was to build schools and out of the remaining pieces, I would make families!  Our girl likes to role play schools too, not to mention when she got into the lego trading card craze!  I’ve got seriously happy memories of playing schools though, and whiled away many a happy hour in my lego world!

Our daughter does the same and it’s wonderful to see her imagination at work.  Lego is such an interesting concept isn’t it?  It can literally grow with your child:- from the chunky lego babies use to hone their fine motor skills, to the ‘themed’ packs which come with a picture of a princess castle or a car garage on the front.  To the packs which are literally just the bricks and basically tell our children to ‘get on with it’.  And they do!

They construct stairs and towers and robots and houses.

And gardens…

The imagination knows no bounds and lego is a great way to feed this.

There are still occasions when our little girl will ask me to play lego with her.  I get down on the floor with her and let my imagination take me where it chooses to go.  Whether that’s back to school by way of role play or simply by building a tower.

Lego can be very relaxing and therapeutic… until you stand on a piece!

Have you got fond lego memories?  Do you play lego with your child?  What’s the best thing you’ve made?  I’d love to hear!  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere


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6 comments to “Why lego is good for imaginative play”
  1. My little girl loves lego and I totally agree with it being great for imagination. I think it’s so important to encourage them using their imagination at a young age…Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam xx

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