Blog linkys ~ why I love taking part (and a bonus list of linkys!)

Blog Linkys ~ Why I Love Taking Part (And A Bonus List Of Linkys!) Blog Party Blog Hop Blog Community Link Up

Blog linkys and why I love taking part

Blog linkys/parties/hops often get a negative airing, I notice.  Because let’s face it, joining in with linkys can be hard work! But here’s why I love taking part in blog linkys and here’s a list of my favourite linkys (including mine!)

Blog Linkys ~ Why I Love Taking Part (And A Bonus List Of Linkys!) Blog Party Blog Hop Blog Community Link Up


First you have to write your content, then you have to remember to link up (or put it in your diary!), then you’re obliged to read some of the lovely posts that have linked up too.


While it’s often regulars that join in with linkys, it’s also often the case that you stumble upon a new blog that is lovely and new and fresh.  Not to say the regulars aren’t lovely of course.  But take the thumbnails… I love the thumbnails!


After I’ve clicked on the host’s link and saved the post in my bookmarks, I then click on the posts either side of my post and do the same.  Then I have a browse through and see which titles I might find interesting/funny/thought-provoking/positive.


Now to answer the question of why I love linkys so much.  Some bloggers use a regular picture to link up.  You might even call it a branded picture of their blog.  While some bloggers link up the picture associated with the actual blogpost.  By doing this you can’t see which blogger has linked up… unless they use their blog title in the thumbnail title, if you hover over the thumbnail OR you click the link.


Then for me, it’s that delicious moment when you look in your browser’s address bar to see which blog you’re about to land on.  I just love it when I see a name that I’m not familiar with.  For me, this is what it’s all about.  Might I make it clear that I love reading regular blogs too but there’s an air of anticipation when you land on a new-to-you blog 🙂


And that’s why I love linkys.  As an aside, I tend to use a template for my blog pics because I’m happy with it and feel that it works with my branding.  But perhaps I should use a ‘secondary’ pic, one that is inserted further down the post… then another reader will get the same air of anticipation when they click on MY link! 😉


I do also love that taking part in regular linkys helps me to keep up with blogs that I don’t necessarily always get the chance to regularly read.  I find that it’s like catching up with and old friend. 🙂

Don’t forget that you can keep up with my blog and my linkys by opting-in ~ see my right hand sidebar under ‘Virtually Everything About Me’ 🙂  It’d be great to see you 🙂


What do you like about blog linkys?  Have you found a lovely new blog that you return to time and again as a result?  Please tell me about it by commenting below or tweeting me @AllSortsHere! 

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  1. Hi Carol, I really enjoy the sense of community I’ve found from taking part in blog hops. I’ve ‘met’ some really lovely bloggers too. I swear that participating in blog hops is addictive as missing one can leave me feeling lost although I’m probably too busy to link up.

    The only downfall of blog hops is that they are so time consuming if you ant to participate properly.


    • Hi Debbie, some of them can be time-consuming but I suppose it’s about being organised and choosing which ones you take part in on any given week, depending on other commitments. And yes, they’re addictive!!

  2. I agree!! As a newbie to the world of blog and linky etc, I am still finding my feet but by trying really hard to write a post a week (when new Bubs doses off) and (at the moment!) join 3 or 4 Linkys I feel I am continually honing my skills! Sometimes I tear my hair out with my techi Doofus -Ness but everyone is so helpful I bumble through in the end!!!

    Thanks for posting!

    • There’s lots to get the hang of when you start out (heck, also when you’ve been going a while!) but I think that’s just it – you continually improve and hone your skills. Look forward to seeing your blog around 🙂

  3. Linkys are addictive! I’ve only discovered them about three weeks ago and now I’m devoted full evenings to them instead of writing! I’ve never read so many amazing blogs in my life! Total kudos and thanks to every single host 🙂 #ablogginggoodtime

  4. Linkys! I used to do them a lot when I first started but I don’t think I’d really found the ones that ‘called’ to me. Now, I’ve gotten back into it and absolutely LOVE it – but mainly because I’ve found the linkys that work best for me. Great post! 🙂

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