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How to write flash fiction blog #WonderfulWorldofWriting


One of my favourite blog posts to read as a blogger is flash fiction.  I just love the bite-sized stories and reading the different interpretations of the same photo.

And one of my favourite blog posts to write as a blogger is flash fiction!  I just love seeing a photo and going with the flow.

Sometimes an idea comes immediately.  Sometimes it doesn’t come at all.  It’s not writer’s block (in my ‘book’ anyway), it’s simply meant to be for me.

If it’s too forced, I don’t enjoy it and therefore I don’t get the buzz.  And my readers quite possibly won’t enjoy it either.  I see it as wasted time and energy.

So here’s how I write flash fiction – feel free to give it a whirl yourself!  I see the photo, I get the idea, I’m cookin’ on gas!

I tend to work backwards and start at the end.  Then decide how I get there, which gives me the middle.  Then I find myself at the beginning!

If my notes are quite comprehensive, I find the story is often nearly written.  It’s just a case of expanding a little to make it flow and being clever with punctuation (and sentence structure).

But if my notes resemble a skinny skeleton, I expand by setting more of a scene, more description, more emotion.

What I do find with both basic and comprehensive notes is this:

If the idea comes quickly, I enjoy writing by both methods.

And here are some I wrote earlier!…

He had started off with good intentions

and then

Never let it be said that a stone heart holds no emotion


The blood was like…

and then

No one knew when it going to happen

not forgetting

A man took a stroll through a deep, dark wood


Are you a flash writer?  How do you approach your story?  

If you’re not into flash, what’s your favourite genre to write?

Let me know in the comments below.


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10 comments to “How to write flash fiction ~ #WonderfulWorldofWriting”
  1. I think starting with the end is a good way to go with flash. You have so much to fit into such a short space that you can’t really explore the theme too much. I love flash fiction too. I normally start with a scene and it goes from there, although most of my ideas begin as feelings or very brief visions.

    You’re so full of ideas xx

  2. I love writing and reading flash fiction too! There’s something so satisfying about a short piece of fiction that still conveys a lot. When I’m writing I know the start and the end point so it’s getting from a to b that’s the issue. And I’m a sucker for a twist so I’m always aware that that middle bit will be turning the reader’s expectations on their head. And I also love a happy ending, even if it’s bittersweet. A thought-provoking post Carol as I’ve never really considered my ‘process’ before!

    • I always find the twist the hardest part. I usually know where I want it to go but often through the natural process of writing, I find that the tale takes a turn and hey presto, I’ve got my twist! I suppose that part of a twist is building the suspense, which is an art form in flash fiction… Thanks for sharing your flash ‘secrets’ Maddy. And it’s great to see you at #WonderfulWorldofWriting again 🙂

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