Can you write ‘on the hop’?

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Do you need complete space, peace and quiet when you write?  Or can you write ‘on the hop’?

Me?  I find I do a bit of both.  I manage to have bite-size bits of conversations (usually with others but sometimes with myself!) while I’m jotting my notes and, so long as I edit, it seems to work okay.  This is probably because the foundations are there in the first place.

It’s the same when I’m brainstorming and an idea naturally develops into something bigger.  You know, like when you write a whole piece in one sitting and you hadn’t intended to?

I find that I can still multi-task.  In actual fact, I much prefer to multi-task because I find it helps the creative process.  It seems to spur me on, helps me to mull things over and gets me to the finished piece.

So, to go back to the question at the beginning, how about you? Do you need complete space, peace and quiet when you write?  Or can you write on the hop?

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22 comments to “Can you write ‘on the hop’?”
  1. I often write on the hop – the first draft of my book was bashed out in tge very early hours of the morning on my tablet, while baby boy feasted on boobies 🙂 I’m always capturing flashes of inspiration out and about, typing up blog posts on the wordpress app or sending emails to myself…

  2. My ideas come easier when the house is full. When alone, the ideas become very melancholy. It is problematic – I’d rather write when the kids are otherwise occupied, but I find I need to get ideas down when they are buzzing around. It’s like an itch I have to scratch or I can’t concentrate. I’d like to manage this better. Interesting post and got me thinking – thank you.

    • Hi Abby, I agree with you here that an empty ‘shell’ can be melancholy. Yes, that’s the perfect word! My ideas seem to buzz around when surrounded by a hum-drum of noise! Thanks for your thoughts and glad I got you thinking 🙂

  3. For me it kinda depends what I’m working on… If I’m generating ideas/planning etc then I can definitely multi-task. But once I’m really writing then I need to focus. I get really frustrated if I lose my thread… Having said that though when Arthur wakes up when I’m mid flow I can usually manage to finish what I’m writing whilst keeping him vaguely entertained. So maybe I’m getting better! x

    • Ah yes, we’re the ultimate multi-taskers aren’t we Sophie? But yes, I can get frustrated when I lose my thread too. I often find that I’m scribbling ‘the best idea ever’ down when I should have been out of the door 2 minutes ago!

  4. A bit of both actually. Sometimes I need absolute peace and quiet, whilst other times I’m furiously typing into my iPhone at the school gates! It really depends on my own mood I think as much as circumstances though x

    • Yes, I can see how my mood would influence my writing too Iona. Talking of the school gates, I remember very well the time I had just done the pre-school drop-off and had to stop at the side of the road to tap some notes into my phone! It needed very little editting, incidentally! Thanks for your comment, really got me thinking about it from a different, ‘moody’ angle…

  5. I can handle both and it helps because I might have time at home to myself in the peace and quiet or I might be sitting waiting for my kids to do their taekwondo lesson and need to do some wiring then. Only thing I can’t work to is music, as I get too distracted with the lyrics.

  6. I prefer peace and quiet – a cup of tea and my lap top and a comfy sofa to nestle on! In reality though I do a lot of writing ‘on the hop’ because I get interrupted in the middle of writing something and then my brain can’t just switch off from it so I end up writing things in my head while doing other stuff then scrabbling for a pen and paper or my smart phone to jot it down on before I forget! The other day my son said to me “Mummy, did you hear what I just said or were you too busy thinking about a limerick?” Busted! Eeek. Thanks for linking this thought-provoking post to #WhatImwriting

  7. Chaos all the way here. I write with music blaring and sometimes kids running about, although I tend to get snappy if I’m trying to get things done and they’re fighting etc, so I don’t usually try and write while they’re around. I find being on my own with silence lets the brain stuff happen and that’s BAD, so keep the noise levels up at all times. Ideas can come at any time, can’t they? x

  8. I find that as long as I have a decent idea in my head I can write anywhere! Some of my posts have been written on the tube, some while walking, some with the tv on. It tends to just roll when I start and if any post takes a while I know it’s a rubbish one so don’t publish! #sundayblogshare

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