Yoga ~ How to Right The Writing With Morning Yoga

How To Right The Writing With Morning Yoga For Your Wellbeing Balance And Zen

Yoga ~ How to right the writing with morning yoga

Yoga is a great way to give you more focus.  I know this because I’ve recently worked some morning yoga into my daily routine and as a result I’ve been righting the writing because I’ve got more focus.

How To Right The Writing With Morning Yoga For Your Wellbeing Balance And Zen

By setting my alarm ‘just’ half an hour earlier (just?!?), I am finding that I’ve got the time to do 10 minutes yoga.

The benefits of this morning yoga are many

I feel more alert, more energised and more ‘with it’ of a morning and therefore the rest of the day.

I’ve got more time in the evening to do things like writing, blogging and housey/family stuff too because I’ve already done my zen-thing for the day!

As a result, I can truly focus on some writing without quite so much clock-watching.

I’ve got Vicky at HonestMum to thank for getting me back into yoga after her inspiring post.

And I’ve been pinning different routines to give me some yogi variety too 🙂

As for my writing… well, it seems to give me more focus which brings with it more productivity and more ideas!  That’s a win-win for me finding my inner peace.


Do you do anything to energise yourself everyday?  Do you find it helps with your writing practice?


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  1. Yoga can make such a difference can’t it? I haven’t mastered the art of getting up early (I work well once I’m up, but so not a morning person) so I take my downtime at lunchtime or during the day. I do yoga occasionally but not in the daily habit any more. However, I do meditate daily for at least ten minutes. Sometimes that’s first thing, sometimes before nursery pick-up (I love meditating in the park) and others in the evening when it’s quiet… I often have my most creative ideas when swimming though (it has to be underwater. It’s the silence) – there’s something about being in the body that just works!

    • You sound like you’re totally on my wavelength Rachael. (Apart from our alarms being out of synch!) I also get in 10 mins minimum of meditation a day and often include a reiki self-treatment in this too. It’s incredible how ‘still’ yet invigorating it is. Just what you need before/after sitting at a desk for any length of time and allowing the dreaded writer’s block to kick in!

  2. Glad the yoga’s working for you Carol – I’m always impressed by anyone setting an alarm early! And, as usual, you have me intrigued with your children’s project – am interested to hear more about this positive setback and illustrations and… well, ALL of it! Thanks for linking to #WhatImWriting

    • Yes and I’ve kept you all in suspense too much really. It wasn’t intentional, just that writing has twists and turns, as we all know. I absolutely promise to share much, much more next week 🙂

  3. The morning is my favorite time for yoga. I’ve been doing a pre-breakfast routine for years now. It’s just a simple 10 minute flow but it’s such a great way to start the day.

  4. I’m trying to make time to do precisely this at the moment – yoga and hot lemon water to start the day 🙂 I haven’t been having huge amounts of success but your post is just what I need to hear to spur me on! Xx

    • In my experience just 10 minutes makes me feels loads better Sophie. There have been days at the beginning that I’ve woken up to my alarm, toyed with whether to hit snooze and by the time I’ve decided to, it’s too late to do my yoga! Generally though, I’ve been up and about and feeling great! I can recommend a morning routine when you’re ready 🙂

  5. A brilliant idea. I did yoga relentlessly before I had children and now I don’t find time for it. The key thing is to MAKE time for it as you have done. I should do the same : )

  6. My daughter is really in to yoga at the moment. She’s only 8, but they do it at school and she loves it. So much so that she does her moves every morning. I think it sets her up for a positive day at school.

    • It definitely focusses your mind Nikki. What a great thing to do in school! Our little bear was asking what my yoga mat was, so this weekend I think we’re going to try a children’s yoga that I’ve found online 🙂

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