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Welcome! This is where I share #AllSortsofBlogs in my pick of the recent(ish!) best blogs to read.  Feel free to add any or all of your favourite posts to the linky.  I’ll share all posts linked up across my various social media.

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Now onto my best reads:


If ever there was a blogpost that made me passionate to get behind a ‘cause’, it’s this one from Maddy at WritingBubble.  The ‘campaign’ has evolved a lot since this post was written.  Have a browse around her blog, search for #THISislearning on twitter and I’m sure you’ll find lots to do with this.  Why not tweet Maddy @WritingBubble to show her your support and that we can make a difference and be ‘mighty’ together?..


Here’s a light-hearted poem from Tor at TeaCupToria on the joys of having ‘lifeless pups’!

And you know what I love about my #AllSortsofBlogs round-up?  It’s that you can go from education to a poem to motivation quotes like this one…from Suzie at Suzie Speaks…

and when you’ve read that, jump over to my own #PositiveThinking blogpost about jumping out of bed and setting goals.  They go hand in hand…


Finally, a reminder of how the universe can work in mysterious (or not so mysterious ways…) from Zaz at Mama and More.

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.

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The eco-warrior guide to making paper

I recently read one of those humourous posts on Facebook about ’10 things only people who went to university in the 90’s will understand’.

A recurring theme was how students ‘handed in’ assignments instead of emailing them, put notes on each other’s doors in Halls of Residence instead of texting or even WhatsApp’ing and generally used pen and paper because the technology wasn’t readily and/or affordably available to students ‘back in the day’…

eco-warrior guide to making paper recycling green environment how to pin

So it has come somewhat full circle that our little girl has been learning about recycling at school.  Yes, she has turned into quite the ‘eco-warrior’, giving us a lesson in Fairtrade and also recycling paper!  We found it really quite amazing that our little girl knew exactly what she needed to ‘make’ paper.

Within an hour, we had made 4 ‘sheets’ of paper.  She was really excited when one sheet turned blue because of the blue tissue paper that we put in the mix.  That was going to be daddy’s, she decided!

To make some paper you will need:

  • Toilet/kitchen paper
  • Tissue paper
  • A handful of ziplock (or at least sealable) sandwich/food bags
  • Enough water to make the mixture go soggy
  • Any decorations that are lurking around the ‘craft box’
  • Somewhere flat to dry the ‘sheets’
  • 2 small towels/flannels to ‘press’ each sheet
  • Patience ~ it takes a couple of days to dry…!

Ready?  Then let’s go…

  • First take the tissue paper and rip it up into fairly small pieces, popping it all in a bag.
  • Then you’ll need a selection of your choice of arty crafty bits and pieces.  We found that anything goes but the synthetic feathers work particularly well!  We also chose sequins, coloured tissue paper and pom poms…
  • Next gently and carefully pour enough water in the bag to make the contents soggy.
  • Now you seal up the bag, squeezing out as much air as possible.
  • Squish it, squash it, squeeze it… but gently.  You don’t want any holes in the bag!
  • When the contents are really soggy, scoop them out onto one of the towels or flannels.
  • Take the other towel/flannel and press down on the ‘paper’.  Your little one will love this bit!
  • Now the ‘patience part’ ~ gently take the top layer of towel/flannel off the ‘press’ and leave the paper to dry somewhere suitable…

And there you have it… how to make paper 🙂

eco-warrior guide to making paper recycling green environment how to 1


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Lean Greens review and giveaway

Welcome to my Lean Greens review and giveaway!

(with discount code too!)

1 Lean Greens giveaway wellbeing well-being nature natural shake drink healthy food supplement 2

As a busy working Mum with a 6 year old, a husband, 2 cats, a house and a blog to keep ticking over, my well-being is of paramount importance.

After all, if I’m feeling under the weather, I feel sluggish and  lack energy and that’s not a good thing to throw into the mix!

Despite all the energy products on the market, I endeavour to stay natural when it comes to my food and drink… we are what eat, everyone knows that.

Although I regularly practice yoga, do reiki self-treatments, meditate and steer clear of coffee, I was intrigued about ‘Lean Greens’ food supplements.

Their website states:

When being healthy just doesn’t fit with your crazy, busy life, Leans Greens gives you access to better health without the hassle.

And so… Interested to see how my energy levels would be affected, I took up the opportunity to review this plant-based powder-to-shake drink.

Dubious about the taste and texture, I was pleasantly surprised and the little gadget inside stopped the powder clumping, giving it a smooth texture.

2 Lean Greens giveaway wellbeing well-being nature natural shake drink healthy food supplement 2The verdict? A daily ‘shake’ of this for 2 weeks and yes, I do feel different.

I’m less bloated and therefore less sluggish and therefore my energy levels ave been affected.. definitely for the better.

I don’t have ‘troughs’ and instead I maintain a more steady balance in my energy levels.

A big improvement for me is that I don’t get nearly so many sugar cravings, which is definitely a result because I’m partial to the odd sugary snack…

It’s great to know that my body has reacted positively to this drink and it feels like I’ve got back to nature and am in harmony again.

And that’s a great feeling 🙂

You can find Lean Greens on Twitter and Facebook and also take a lot at their website. 

Go and say hello! 🙂

You can also benefit because the lovely team at Lean Greens have a discount code ~ just click the link and quote ALLSORTS10.

 And they’re giving away a branded shaker and a tub of Lean Greens powder just for you!  Entering is easy – just use the rafflecopter (below).  The giveaway is open to UK entrants only and ends at 12am on 20th May 2016. Good luck to you 😉

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This is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own. See here for my full disclosure policy.

Visiting hours ~ flash fiction

flash fiction creative writing prose imagition visiting hours moving house

She loved cliches.  She could use them ’til the cows came home!

Her life had been full of cliches recently, or at least close to cliches.

She’d come to terms with a lot of things; she’d overcome a whole range of emotions and now she felt another chapter closing.

At first, she’d found it really hard to let go but then she’d seen the sense.  In fact she’d seen how it had all slotted into place perfectly, almost as if it was meant to be.

She’d taken comfort in that.  After weeks of sorting, clearing, reminiscing, she was now stepping through the door for the very last time.

She was just a visitor now.  The limbo was gone.  Time to move on.

Time for one last look around and then she’d close the door, lock it and she’d start again; a new chapter with so many exciting things on the horizon.  She hadn’t even realised that she was ready for all of this.  But she was.

It was all meant to be…

Visiting hours were over at last.


Inspired by and sharing with ‘The Prompt’: The Visitor…
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“Is it worth it? Would I make it?” ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting

“Is it worth it? Would I make it? How far would I get?”

lost card paying funny humour poem


I rummage around while I chat to the girl,

We talk of this and of that,

It’s mindless small talk, a distraction technique

My mind’s gone blank, that’s a fact.


Then I tighten my grip,

Delve deeper once more,

Realisation dawns,

Should I run for the door?


Is it worth it? Would I make it?

How far would I get?

“I’ve never done this before”,

That’s what they all say, I’ll bet…


The queue starts to shuffle,

The queue starts to groan,

It’s enough to distract them

From their trusty smartphones.


I feel the stares in the back of my head,

As the girl fills out a proforma.

She hands it over, I’ve seven days to pay,

 Oh, I’ll pay, once I’m over my trauma!


By Carol Cameleon 2016

The story behind the poem: Having left my bank card in the local shop the night before, I was blissfully unaware until I went to pay for a full tank of petrol…!


Got some writing to share? Tweet your post direct to me @AllSortsHere using the #WonderfulWorldofWriting or #www hashtag and I’ll retweet!



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Win a bracelet from DeeBee jewellery ~ review and giveaway

Hello and welcome to a very exciting review and giveaway!

Yes, you can win this stunning bracelet from deebee jewellery.

3 deebee jewellery review giveaway bracelet buddha head hamsa feather peace sign wellbeing spirituality

I love the look of their products.  They are very ‘me’ and so I knew they would fit in very well with my blog. Why? Because I’m a very spiritual person and am very ‘drawn’ to the range of jewellery which includes feathers, peace signs, buddha heads and the Hamsa, all of which are beautifully simple in my opinion.

When my buddha bracelet arrived, it was well packaged, without being over-packaged.  It was in perfect condition and fitted snuggly on my wrist without being overbearing.  I’ve been wearing it alot and getting compliments too!  Not only does it look pretty and stylish but it’s well made with good quality beads too.  This doesn’t feel like a bracelet that will fall apart after a few outings.  If you’re looking for a little something for yourself or a little gift, then do consider this bracelet from deebee. 🙂

You can find deebee on Twitter and Facebook and also take a look at their website. 
Go and say hello! 🙂

Now, onto how you can win a buddha bracelet just like the one featured, from DeeBee Jewellery!  Just enter by using the rafflecopter (below).  The giveaway is open to UK entrants only and ends at 12am on 12th May 2016. Good luck to you 😉

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This is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own. See here for my full disclosure policy.

20 things you never knew about me… but do now! ~ vlog

Here’s my vlog, telling you 20 things you never knew about me… but do now!

20 things you never knew about me vlogstars vlog vlogging blogging mashup

You can visit my YouTube channel here. Thanks…

So, if you’re not a vlogger, how about telling me 1 thing about you from the questions in the video?  If you’re a vlogger (maybe you’ve linked up?), have you got any more vlogging tips since last time?  Comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere

Thanks 🙂 


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The World of Sylvanian Families Toys

Like most little girls, our 6 year old loves to play with princesses, dolls, ponies, castles and to dress-up.  But she has found a new love…  Alongside her other go-to toys, she is now enjoying collecting various Sylvanian Familes toys.

Sylvanian Families toys imagination role play active play parenting toys activity


Having never really come across them in real-life before, it was nice to see how well made they are.  Right down to the tiny little accessories in the Campervan for example. They are a good quality toy; one that our little girl really enjoys interacting with.


Whenever she plays with her ‘Famililes’, within minutes she is always chatting to them, role-playing with them, stepping into their quaint little world.  She loves them and is also a member of the fan club which sends her regular updates by email as well as post, and also a birthday card 🙂


It’s lovely to see and even nicer to know that these toys will stand the test of time; both in terms of wear and tear and also in terms of being treasured.  When the latest fad is over with, she always turns to her Sylvanian Familes.


*This is not a sponsored post ~ I simply wanted to share how impressed I am with these toys.  However, please note that this post contains an affiliate link which means that if you happen to purchase something from the link you click, I get to have a little happiness too! 🙂


What’s your child’s favourite go-to toy? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below 🙂 


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A Lesson in Fairtrade

Our little girl’s school recently focussed on Fairtrade.

They had an assembly, they had discussions in class and each year group had to do something Fairtrade-related for homework.

Fairtrade farming ethical lesson learning buying sellingThis topic really inspired our little girl (aged 6) and obviously struck a cord!  We’re teaching her about the value of money and now she’s learning about how to shop ethically.


After school one day, she set-to at her desk while having a snack (a Fairtrade banana!).  Afterwards, she showed me her creation – a Fairtrade logo that she was very proud of! (and I of her!)  Then was chatting away to me, telling me all about Fairtrade ~ how the poor farmers sell their bananas, which are packaged up in special boxes and these boxes go to shops.  The food with the Fairtrade logo are the ones that the poor farmers have sold and these are the ones that we should buy to help the poor farmers.  The shops in our town that have the Fairtrade logo on them are Co-op and Spar (other outlets are available…!)


For her homework after school later that week, we went to one of the aforementioned shops (in the interests of diplomacy, I won’t say which… I remembered to take my ‘divi’ card though..!).  While in the shop, we made a quick note of the items you could buy that had the Fairtrade logo on them.  In fact, I was quite surprised at how many products did have the logo on them because, to be honest, I’ve never taken that much notice before.  I have a feeling all that will now change with an eagle-eyed 6 year old looking over my shoulder into the shopping basket! Or giving me stern words in the kitchen while unpacking shopping, if she hasn’t been shopping with me 😉


Has your child been inspired by a topic at school that resulted in a creative moment and a short lesson from them?!  I’d love to hear about it in the comments below 🙂 


*This post contains an affiliate link which means that if you happen to purchase something from the link you click, I get to have a little happiness too! 🙂


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Bring on the can … relax with #TheZenZing

Welcome back to #TheZenZing, where I help you put the

zing back into your life.

This time I’m going to tell you how ‘you can’ motivate yourself (and those around you).

#TheZenZing focus motivation goals positive thinking positivity achieve mental health wellbeing you can i can
I recently blogged about being mighty and how you should let the word ‘can’t’ wash over you.
Self-doubt can be an uphill struggle and can be ingrained into your subconscious from an early age, preventing you from at least trying to achieve your goals.
I once heard Richard McCann speak about how ‘you can’ (or rather ‘iCan’) and he was beyond inspiring.
Now think on this:
How much more difficult is it to get out of bed and approach a task with a ‘can’t do’ attitude?
It’s so much easier to be focussed and approach a task with a ‘can-do’ attitude…
Try it for yourself.
The next time you have something to do which you perhaps don’t want to do, are dreading, or that someone else has sewn the seed of doubt by saying you ‘can’t’ do.. defy the ‘can’t’ and bring on the ‘can’!
Boost your zing and encourage your zen.
Because ‘you can’!
It’s all about #TheZenZing 🙂
How have you overcome a ‘can’t do’ attitude?  And how do you maintain a ‘can do’ attitude?  What have you achieved with this attitude?  I’d love to hear from you.  Please comment (below) or tweet me @AllSortsHere and use the #TheZenZing hashtag.
Thank you 🙂
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