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It's not always about the brain Friday Fiction poem blog

So here’s the thing.  I needed inspiration for my ‘fantastic friday fiction’ offering.  I wanted to write a piece of fiction for Friday Fiction (a linky run by fellow blogger Nicola Young that I’m new to and am keen to join in with).  I mused on how to flex my creative muscles (in between working on my #NextBigThing project) and it came to me in a blinding flash of well, inspiration!…

You see each week I choose a Footnote & Anecdote from my desk diary and I’ve decided to do an experiment 😉 I do love an experiment!  Each Friday I will share a short piece of fictional writing (obviously!) that has been inspired by the ‘Footnote’ that I chose the previous Monday for my blog linky.

And here it is:

It’s not always about the brains

Take a look at the smooth surface of the cabbage,

Compared to the nobbly brain ‘nodes’ of the cauli;

As the latter graduates from college,

They should, in theory, get more ‘lolly’.


But this isn’t always the case,

Oh no ’tis not so,

For the cabbage may have their wit

And more ‘get up and go’.


It’s not always about the brains

But how you think things through,

We’re all different after all,

There’s one ‘me’, there’s one ‘you’…


Inspired by the quote “Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education.” ~ Mark Twain, 1835-1910, American author and humorist

Written for #FridayFiction (click the badge below to go Nikki’s blog)
Nikki Young Writes


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